Toolbox. Where are they located?


Bergheimer Straße 6,
88677 Markdorf

In order to enter the Toolbox club house, you have to enter the intimus company premises. Here, the Toolbox is the first building on the left-hand side, directly next to the big gate. In front of the Toolbox, there are parking spaces for bicycles and cars.

The entrance door can be found at the small red circle on the map above.

Visitors of the Toolbox should have taken the user regulations for guests to heart before your visit:

Benutzungsordnung für Gäste

The rules of use for members and other possibly helpful documents can be found in the Statutes & Regulations.


directors directors mail
alternative email adress

In the cyberspace

Of course you can also find us on different pages on the internet. For example here:

Twitter @ToolboxBodensee
Facebook toolboxbodensee
Instagram toolbox_bodensee
GitLab ToolboxBodensee
YouTube Toolbox Bodensee e.V.
Twitch @toolboxlive
CCC Chaostreffs Chaostreff Markdorf Toolbox_Bodensee_e.V.
MeetUp Toolbox-Bodensee toolbox-bodensee-e-v
Instructables Toolbox-Bodensee-eV