What is being crafted in the toolbox right now...

Neues Frontend Power-Supply ELV PS9530

Wir haben einem älteren Netzteil wieder neues Leben eingehaucht: Erst wurde die Leistungsstufe repariert, dann hat der Microcontroller den Geist aufgegeben - und dann ist das Netzteil mit neuem Frontend und neuen Features wieder auferstanden.

3D Eating Aid

3D printing objects for supporting people with motion disabilities


Tracing the LockPickingLawyer - people in the Toolbox now also try to open various locks with the help of pick, rakes and tension wrenches. More or less successful.

Solawi Signs

Wooden signs for labeling the vegetable field of Solawi Bodensee.

LED Cube

Mini LED cube with 80 RGB LEDs

CNC Mill

In the Toolbox, there are various devices and tools to build creative things with. Among others, there are also some CNC mills.

Plotting Stickers

With the help of the cutting plotter from the silk-screen printing room and some adhesive foil you can easily give new sticky ideas a chance.

Electric Monk

The electric monk believes for in things the world expects you to believe in.

The Best Game

A ghost game for two players developed with Unity in the course of the Unity GameJam of the game developer meeting in the Toolbox.

Door Switch

For a better connection of our entrance door to the Space-API, we installed a door switch.

Music Studio

Triggered by the synthesizer meeting in January 2019, we decided to install a music studio where we can make and produce music to the top of their bent and produce weird sounds.

LED Tunnel

FPV racing is even cooler when you can fly through a colorful flashing parkour.

MGH Project

This project was conducted in cooperation with the Mehrgenerationenhaus Markdorf (MGH) and gave five girls the chance to build a quadrocopter within six months.

LED Control

ESP8266 Shield to control 12V LED stripes

Toolbox Website

The Toolbox website is created with the Lektor Static Site Generator and managed via GitLab.

Tally Sheet

Digital tally sheet to simplify the payment of drinks and food in the Toolbox

Master Clock Control

In order to upgrade an existing slave clock of the Kressbronn indoor swimming pool to a radio-controlled clock, a small control unit had to be created...

Casting Gaskets

Perfectly Sealed ‑ How 3D Printing Rescued Tea Time

Game Development

Meeting point for programers, graphic designers and sound specialists around the lake & about the topic of game development. Opportunity to present projects, give presentations, develop something together, game testing and more.

Experiments with Arduino

An Arduino is a small computer board that is used to create exciting things. Regardless of whether lights blink or a beeper beeps: With the Arduino, you can easily build an alarm system or control a small robot. The Toolbox regularly holds workshops for and with kids in order to get them to know this little magical device.

Retro Computing

We collect old hardware (and software) and try to make them work again in order to make them available to people who are interested in Retro Computing.


Waffles are an important part of the diet of nerds and chaotic living beings. That's the reason why the C3 Waffle Operation Center was developed. Now, we will make some waffle experiments in the Toolbox.


The C3 Cluster Computing Council is a group of Cluster and High Performance Computing enthusiasts. We collect computing power, set up our own Cluster and HPC systems and program our own Cluster/Batch Framework.

Ham Radio

The Toolbox is a place that attracts hobbyists, inventors and technology enthusiasts from all walks of life. There are also people with an amateur radio license and a small amateur radio station in the Toolbox.


Fresh pizza or tarte flambée directly from the woodstove in the Toolbox? Yes, please!

Free Weather and Climate Data

We receive and save climate and earth observation data from space - directly in the Toolbox.

Ball Pit

The ball pit is on loan from the see-base in Überlingen; however, it is permanently located in the club house of the Toolbox Bodensee e.V. and is also gladly taken to events.

Space API

The Space API tries to collect exciting information about various Hackspaces, so that you can retrieve them via an API. One of these information is whether the space is open or closed.

Info Display

There are several displays in the Toolbox that display useful and amusing information.

Sugarcube Corner

In the Sugarcube Corner there is a variety of cooled, mostly caffeinated beverages. These can be purchased at the prices shown on the price list.


Our goal is to alter a model plane to make it fly autonomously. In order to do so, we develop an own flight controller, software and hardware so that the plane can take off, land and head to specific route points.

3D Printing

In the Toolbox, various 3D printers are available free to use and are regularly maintained and optimzed by a compentent team of experts.


Freefunk is a decentralized, independent citizens' network with access to the Internet. Freefunk means open, unrestricted and free digital communication. Anyone can connect free of charge via wi-fi, without a password or registration. Everyone can use, participate in and expand Freifunk.

Telescope Control

We developed a arduino-based telescope autotracking with many additional functions for the Überlingen oberservatory.

Floppy Organ

Our internationally known floppy organ can not only be looked at and tried out in our club house but we also regularly take it to faires and other exhibitions such as the Maker Faire Bodensee in Friedrichshafen.