Tally Sheet

The project was launched by L3D on 20.08.2018

We have a digital tally sheet to simplify the payment of drinks and food in the Toolbox. It is based on strichliste.org and is only available in the WI-Fi of the Toolbox.

The dashboard looks almost like this: Demo

The tally sheet in the Toolbox is called see-börse and can be reached at see-bör.se.


There is an Ansible Role that automatically installs the server part of the tally sheet (backend): gitea.see-base.de/toolbox/role-strichliste

At the moment, we are still working on the frontend to be built automatically. Currently, it is a bit outdated, but can be found there: gitlab.com/ToolboxBodensee/kueche/xn--see-br-0xa-se