Recap Open Day Toolbox

By Grizzly on 08.03.2024

What a FEST!

Our open day on the occasion of our 10th anniversary can be considered a complete success.

But first things first:

The first visitors arrived shortly after 10 a.m. on Saturday, were welcomed by our members and given a tour of the Toolbox premises. Many visitors were unaware of the extensive equipment in the workshops and marveled at it in detail.

In keeping with the motto "Better mass waffle destruction than weapons of mass destruction", our hard-working waffle bakers began production shortly after 11 a.m. and found grateful customers in the visitors, who were thus able to start the lecture block well fortified.

And it had it all. BusyBeaver kicked things off with his topic "Augmented reality", followed by ZeHa's crowd-pullers "How a synthesizer works" and "Game development in the Toolbox". Hungry, the guests were then able to fortify themselves at the already fired-up barbecue, which Kiko and msmr stocked with all kinds of tasty treats and kept any hunger pangs at bay. For dessert, waffles and the extensive cake buffet were tempting again.

Another highlight of the program was xythobuz's drone flying show, who spurred his drones on to top performance under the enthusiastic eyes of young and old alike. In keeping with this, Alex gave his "Quadcopter Basic Course" before concluding the series of lectures with "Containers - An Overview of Container Technology".

But you didn't have to chase from highlight to highlight, because our lounge also invited you to linger. The children in particular took the opportunity to relax in their own way in the ball pool. If that was too boring for you, you could take part in the much sought-after children's soldering workshop all day long.

A visit to the library to try out one of the many retro games was almost compulsory for our young guests. The computers there were running really hot... Take that Fortnite!

At around 6 p.m., the last of the 250 or so visitors left the Toolbox rooms inspired and some knew: "Today wasn't my last time...."