Sugarcube Corner

The project was launched by L3D on 30.03.2017

A chaotic hackspace without Club Mate would be unthinkable. And so the Sugarcube Corner *, the kitchen in the Toolbox was created.


Meanwhile there is a large assortment of different drinks and also some snacks. These are some articles from the assortment:

Club Mate
Premium Cola
Club Mate Cola
Club Mate Granat
Club Mate Ice Tea
Mineral water
different ice creams
various chocolate bars

There is also a local digital tally sheet so that you can also consume drinks and snacks if you don't have the right cash with you. In addition, it is easy on the nerves of the person responsible when there is little coinage and more notes in the till.

The tally sheet is accessible via the wi-fi network of the Toolbox under the domain see-bö

Currently, the Sugarcube Corner - also Mate syndicate - is administered by haekelhexe. If someone wants to participate here, feel free to join the next weekly meeting on Thursday at 7 pm.

Please note: The Sugarcube Corner works with a trust fund. This means that everyone has free access to the refrigerators and can even open the cash register to take out suitable change. But this only works as long as nobody cheats on the till and doesn't pay his consumption. Please don't do that but be honest!