Reopening of the Toolbox as of June 07, 2021

By haekelhexe on 07.06.2021

We can finally announce, that the Regulations of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg an the Bodenseekreise make it possible to reopen the Toolbox.

As already last year, we will again have to modes of meeting/working under the following circumstances: 1) open Night on Thursdays

  • Proof of:
    • negative PoC test (antigen) not older than 24hrs
    • completed vaccination
    • recovery
  • contact tracing by means of an attendance list
  • hygienic measures (concept on display)
    • wash hands/disinfect, hygienic coughing/sneezing etc.
    • minimum distance 1.50 m
    • mouth-nose protection (facial mask) where 1.50m cannot be adhered to (sanitary rooms, hallway, small rooms)
    • in the small rooms (such as kitchen, sanitary room, server room, library,...) max. 2 people at the same time
    • regular airing (at least every 15 min. or continuous airing, depending on weather conditions)

For OTHER events (Synthesizer meet-up, Game-Dev meetup, etc.), the host has to create an own analog concept and present it to the Committee so that it can be presented to authorities on demand.

2) Free working Presence in the Toolbox for up to ten people from three different households possible Contact tracing with by means of attendance list

NOTE: The Committee trust in the responsibility of the individual members and does not bear any liability. Should there be official checks and violations to the regulations detected, the effected people are liable themselves.

The regulations can be found here (German version):