Frequently Asked Questions

42! The ultimate answer to the question about life, the universe and all the rest!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that reach us regularly and their answers:


The ultimate answer to your questions is of course 42!

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(Graphic has exactly 42 colours)

May I use your tools for my project?
Of course, you are welcome to use our tools. You only have to bring your own consumables, we'll provide the tools! Just come by on one of our open Thursdays and get an idea of what is possible.
Can you print me something with your 3D printers?
We will be happy to help you to understand how 3D printers work and how you can create the appropriate programs for creating templates and print files. Unfortunately, we don't see ourselves as a 3D printing service provider, so we can't or don't want to make things for you.
Can you screenprint my motif on my T-shirt?
We will be happy to help you understand how screen printing works and show you what you need to do in order to screen print your own motif on the fabric you have brought with you. But we don't see ourselves as a service provider, so we can't or don't want to make things for you.
I am not a member. May I still come by?
Yes, of course. This is exactly what the open Thursdays are for. On Thursdays there will certainly be someone who can explain to you how the Toolbox works and can give you a "tour" through the building. Just talk to us!
There is something I don't like about this website. Can I change that?
You're very welcome to do so! The source code of this website is publicly available on GitLab. You'll also find a German guide describing what to do to make changes to the site.